Photo by Romanita & Antonella

At this moment of the year everybody is thinking of holidays : booking the flight, the accommodation and then all the other activities.Housing is so important, and we have to decide what we are looking for.You may like real contact with the locals, discover the typical furniture, the structure of a house, through vacation rental-whether a home, apartment,shared space.Let’s start talking about  the various possibilities.


Photo By Romanita & Antonella

The simplest  places with 1 or two rooms, a small apartment  can be booked directly from locals or-to minimize your exchange of emails-through websites such as Airbnb.

Good examples  in Chianti in Tuscany  can be Romanita and  her daughter Antonella  in Radda in Chianti.The experience is described by their guests  :” The view outside the room was breathtaking. The hosts were incredibly kind, welcoming and warm   Camera con Vista nel Chianti (in Airbnb  Radda in Chianti).


Photo by Alessio & Elisabetta

In the cosy village of Lecchi in Chianti ,you can rent Appartamento Piccolo Chianti,  (in Airbnb in Gaiole in Chianti )“The house itself is perfect and very well equipped but the presence of the family, ready to meet every need, made it even more welcoming.” as said by past guests.


Photo By Alessio & Elisabetta

In Poggio San Polo near Lecchi in Chianti it’s possible to rent a double room  with swimming pool Il Poggerino B&B di Annalena (in Airbnb  in Gaiole in Chianti),where the host is very good in preparing different cakes for every breakfast.


Photo By Annalena 

All of them live  in Chianti in Tuscany all year round  and can help you with a first step into the real  local life


Photo by Annalena




Schiacciata col pomodoro

A tourist is a person who travels to visit a place for pleasure, to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of her/his daily life,

A traveler is someone who considers her/his trip as a journey, learn as much as possible, embrace adventures, and misadventures,

A traveler like a local  is keen to merge with locals to experience their culture and get a taste of their local cuisine.dsc00508

We are locals,who have been living in Chianti in Tuscany for more than 20 years and as much in Florence and would love to give some tips to better merge with locals .

Let’s start from one of the main food we love; we need every day:   il pane, the bread.

We may like common bread wheat, cereals ,gluten free, but we need fresh bread every day so the bakery is the place where you meet us every morning.



Let’s go in the morning to the Panettiere or Panaio (Baker ) or Il Forno (the Oven)!



dsc00507Panini  and Frusta (or Baguette)

Firenze, Florence in January

san_6553                           “Foto di Mauro Sani – MUS.E”

Firenze, Florence for sure offers a lot of places to visit and things to do but why not to do something that locals enjoy?Let’s go and see the Ponte Vecchio videomapping  everyday  from 5:30 pm to 12 pm. Many other florentine monuments will be in another light

Have  a look  at the program visit

san_5142“Foto di Mauro Sani – MUS.E”

Thinking about family tour, the Family Tour  Project is perfect to visit the city of Florence (and Fiesole) with family. It is a kit that can be rented for free: a backpack that contains games and activities in stages, an alternative way to discover the city with the children.

_dsf6704Besides the backpack is also available the  app, both Florence and Fiesole, which contains games suitable for children, linked to the sights of the city.


foto-winterpark-2016To relax a little bit from the visit to museums, especially if you have children ,consider the possibility of  ice skating  or practice broomball at the Firenze Winter Park where you can enjoy also a mountain menu restaurant, or  a hot chocolate and a vin brulè.


5 things to do in Tuscany – Chianti for families


Traveling with my family,I’ve always wanted to offer all of us something enjoyable and unforgettable, some “moments together to remember forever”. In Tuscany where we live ,we have places  which provide beautiful family activities.

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Top 10 Tips to Travel in Tuscany,Italy 10.


Gas ,Gasoline,Petroleum station=Benzinaio

“IL PIENO PER FAVORE”= Fill it up,please

Driving around Tuscany, you need fuel ”benzina “ or “diesel “.
Every single little town has a station.

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Top 10 Herbs to cook Italian 8.Bay leaf

Alloro 1Bay leaf was highly praised by the Greeks and the Romans, who  believed that the herb symbolizes wisdom, peace, and protection.That’s why still nowadays  after  getting the university degree we wear a laurel crown. Continue reading

Shopping for kitchen items in Tuscany


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Top 10 Tips to Travel in Tuscany Italy, 9.


When the weather is reasonably good, as soon as the sun begins to peep, you’ll meet a lot of moto bikers -motorcyclists – motociclisti or on our roads, in town but especially in the countryside. Italy is among the best places in the world to ride in.  Continue reading