Top 10 herbs to cook Italian. 6 Chives

DSC_1535-1Chives=Erba Cipollina The Italian name erba cipollina, which means onion grass, says everything about this nice and good looking herb. Chives used for culinary purposes as a flavoring herb, and provide a somewhat milder taste, so perfect for those who dislike onions Continue reading

List of Things to Do in Florence with (or without) kids

DSC00718-1Florence is beautiful in every season: so different from other towns in the world, it’s a kind of open museum so just walking there can be interesting. A few suggestion to enjoy it at its best:

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Top Ten Tips to Travel in Tuscany,Italy.7

Chianti viewIf you are traveling in Italy from city to city ,i.e. from Milan to Florence or Florence to Rome ,definitely the most convenient way is by train.
If you travel from city to city in Tuscany consider the bus, called pullman. Continue reading

Top 10 herbs to cook Italian. 5 Oregano

Oregano = origano


I had never thought that oregano may be a heavily discussed topic.

If I name oregano, everybody thinks of pizza. While in fact it’s used for many dishes such as the Penne agli Aromi Pasta with Aromatic Herbs Continue reading

Top Ten Tips to Travel in Tuscany,Italy.6

Riding a Bike

Bicycle racing and road touring is one of Italy’s favourite sports and drivers of cars are used to sharing the road with bikes.
In Tuscany we are not so well organized with many bike lanes in town but there are some help for bikers such as the
IMG-20150107-WA0000Bike park in Florence Continue reading

Top Ten Tips to Travel in Tuscany,Italy.5


Tuscan SMS Bus Ticket

In Florence, buy a bus ticket with a SMS. So cool !
We were so tired of walking and last minute we decided to get on a bus. We sent an SMS with the text “ATAF” to the number 4880105 and waited for the response message before boarding the bus. Continue reading

Top 10 Tips To Travel in Tuscany,Italy.4


Driving in Tuscany

I am always a bit surprised when I hear our guests worry about driving in Italy or on winding country roads:! In towns such as Rome, Milan, Naples and Florence driving may sound a little more complicate ,while most of the driving in Tuscany is on smaller regional two lane roads. In Chianti, many wind up hills and curves but not really many cars. Continue reading

Top 10 Tips To Travel in Tuscany, Italy .3

20141210_094000 (1)

Travelling by Train in Tuscany

Travelling by train in Tuscany can be convenient and easy. Just a couple of information. Most important not to forget . Many Italy train tickets are sold so they can be used any time in a specific period (up to 2 months) Continue reading